Virtual Reality

Build new worlds. Make enduring connection
Create lasting memories.

Step into your branded world.

This 1980s retro-chic “city” grid game pits players against a cruel Labryinth Master and neon monsters. The challenge is to reach the goal within a timeframe while battling monsters as pieces of the infrastructure dissolve and reappear in realtime.

Features of our virtual worlds.

Completely navigable. Customers easily step or teleport through virtual space.
Social interaction. Friends or workers join you and interact.
Live analytics dashboard. Data about audience behavior displays in realtime.
Spatial audio. Realistic sounds based on location gives the feeling of real space.
Multiplatform. Experience on HTC Vive, Oculus, web, and mobile devices.
Streaming ads. Video or animated ads are uniquely streamable.
Envrmnt 3D engine. Uniquely optimized for streaming virtual content.
Customizable. Use our tools to build your own VR experience for your audience.

Envrmnt World Maker

Create and modify immersive virtual spaces with easy-to-use, web-based drag and drop tool.

Envrmnt World Maker lets you easily create immersive streaming environments that you can share socially with friends, colleagues, or customers. Easily upload branded assets or load them from our prebuilt catalog to create customized spaces. Update a virtual space and interact with others in realtime.

Easy Access
World Maker is not only easy to use, it’s easy to access. World Maker streams to any platform supported by the Envrmnt Software Development Kit (SDK) without requiring installation. And your virtual world is instantly viewable by all consumers with Verizon smartphones or tablets.

Promote and Monetize
Once you’ve developed a virtual environment, use it to promote and monetize your brand. Sell subscriptions, provide on-demand content, offer micro-transactions, or stream dynamic advertising.

No Installation

Stream to any platform supported by the Envrmnt SDK without requiring installation.

Verizon Mobility

Your virtual world is instantly viewable by all Verizon smartphones and tablets–without an app download.

Easy Navigation

Navigate between experiences as easily as changing channels on TV.


See metrics on views and usage from an Analytics dashboard.

Rich Communication Services

Create immersive communities with RCS.

Monetize your Brand

Promote your brand or monetize with subscriptions, on-demand content, micro-transactions or dynamic advertising.

Case Study

Spooky Virtual Village Showcases Inventive VR Features.

Project: Envrmnt Alpine Village
Goal: Build a socially immersive village with branding and streaming
Experience: Find yourself in a fully immersive, snow-filled world. Teleport around the village and walk on trails or step out onto balconies. Your mission: stop gigantic, menacing snowmen from destroying the village. Take them out with snowballs. Talk and gesture with friends and avatars to plan attack strategy. Notice brands such as the Verizon store.

Possible Uses:
* Create your own branded showroom. Let customers stroll and engage with your products
* Build a sports newsroom with streaming video content on monitors or walls
* Create a fantasy space for customers to interact with animated brand icons

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