MISSION NEON VR innovations in a retro-chic game.

Mission Neon is an electric-blue, 80s-style VR game based on a labyrinth grid. We created it to validate Envrmnt’s capability to engineer complex, multifunction VR projects—an important proficiency in the services we offer clients. Mission Neon was unveiled for the first time at the 2017 South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference in Austin, Texas.


  • Create and validate VR game innovations, including live streaming of game assets, integration across multiple platforms, and realtime manipulation of the game structure.


  • Mission Neon ran on two platforms: HTC Vive and web (Chrome browser running Microsoft Surface Studio).
  • Players wore Vive headsets and attempted to reach goal within a 3-minute timeframe.
  • A Game Master operated Surface Studio from outside the VR game and manipulated the Vive player’s environment in realtime.


  • Mission Neon demonstrated the ability to stream VR game assets in realtime between multiple platforms. It also showcased how a player (Master) could alter the playing environment as it was inhabited.
  • Many gamers at the SXSW conference were drawn to the exhibit and noted the game’s fluidity and the challenge of being successful amid appearing and dissolving walls and floors.

Read Why We Built a Throwback, Electric Neon VR Game for details about how we created Mission Neon.