Future Use Case: a Command Center in VR

What if you could create a VR command center that first responders,…

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Why Social VR Has Failed — and How it Will Succeed

Anyone who has followed the news lately about AltSpaceVR closing….

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Creating Realistic Sports Action in Virtual Reality

In 2017, fans attending the Super Bowl went beyond being mere spectators. Through 360 video and virtual reality,…

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Sports Illustrated’s College Football Preview Issues Have AR-Enhanced Covers

Sports Illustrated announced yesterday that their latest series of  ….

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Envrmnt Opens Office in Heart of NY’s Thriving Tech Center

Envrmnt, the virtual and augmented reality arm of Oath, a Verizon company, recently opened an office …

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Why We Built a Throwback, Electric Neon VR Game

Why would a company that builds AR and VR platforms spend months and precious team resources building a throwback, labyrinth-structured VR game …

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