We are developing leading-edge augmented and virtual reality platforms.

We’ve created powerful immersive experiences for leading companies in advertising, digital media, professional sports and retail. As an arm of Verizon Labs, we are building next-generation tools to enable the easy creation of streamable, immersive worlds.

Augmented Reality  Virtual Reality  /  360° Video Streaming

World class features for your enterprise

Deeper Engagement

Create deeper emotional connections through immersive scenarios.

Stream to millions

Low latency rendering. Fastest network. We stream globally on the Verizon content distribution network.

Analyze data

Gain insight into customer behavior with live analytics in VR and AR applications.

Monetize content

Add easy buying options to print assets with AR. Customers can purchase instantly from onscreen product images.

Cutting-edge interactive experiences

Augmented Reality

Use augmented reality to engage customers with 3D images and videos. See how

Virtual Reality

Allow users to easily navigate your virtual worlds. Up to 15 participants can join at once. Stream video or animated ads. See how

Immersive stories and places

Give visitors or customers panoramic views in every direction with 360° video. See how

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