Advancing XR in 5G era

Envrmnt, the XR arm of Verizon, is building technologies that will exploit the latency and bandwidth advances of 5G networks.

Our edge-based APIs and other technologies will bring higher levels of performance to mobile XR—helping usher in new applications such as autonomous vehicles, AR enhanced smart cities, and volumetric VR.

Our low-latency compute APIs

Envrmnt Graphic API

Offloads the most computationally heavy rendering to low-latency, network-based GPUs.

Envrmnt Lighting API

Turns camera data into striking real-world shadows and reflections in immersive worlds based on actual room lighting

Envrmnt Vision API

Recognizes and augments thousands of vision targets in real time and tracks them on an embedded headset. Will also open up new uses in IoT.

Envrmnt Audio API

Reproduces spatialized audio to reflect head rotation, attenuation, occlusion and material properties of a room—ensuring powerful AR or VR illusion of real space.


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Recognized by the industry.

Winner of The Edge Awards in two categories:

– Biggest Contribution to Edge Computing R&D
– Greatest Commercial Potential for Edge Concept