Augmented Reality

Reach customers by overlaying your
brand in the real world

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Bring your brand to life.

Excite customers. Let them fully engage with your brand. Turn static, printed images into 3D models. View a product in its full dimensions. Interact with it. Observe it. Rotate it. Zoom it. Print images never looked so life-like.

Create deeper engagements

Videos, 3D objects & animations create engaging and interactive experiences.

Speed Purchase

On-screen buy buttons for products featured in augmented videos motivate impulse buys.

See Real
World Data

Track, analyze and enhance campaigns with analytics on interactions and purchase timing.

Let Customers
“try before they buy”

Convert viewers to paying customers by allowing them to interact with your product.

Case Study

The cover does the talking

Customer: Elle Magazine, parent company Hearst
Goal: Promote its recent “Women in Hollywood” print issue
Strategy: Let the women do the talking on the cover

How it Works:
* Readers point their phones at magazine cover
* Phone app recognizes target image
* Video clips begin
* Hollywood’s best-known stars talk about their onscreen firsts – first kiss, first breakup, first child

Result: Successful rollout helps Hearst engage its readers in stimulating new ways